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About Fair Chem Industries Pte Ltd

Fair Chem Industries Pte Ltd is primarily engaged in the business of contract manufacturing, chemical distribution and re-drumming since 1989.

Dominant Toll Blending Solutions And Services Provider

It serves mainly the multinational companies in the chemicals industry that offer solutions to different industries such as aviation, paper and pulp, oil and gas.

The Company occupies a large factory located in the west of Singapore that is fully equipped with a complete range of machinery that blend and manufacture chemicals and products according to customers’ specifications and special formulas.

It provides a one-stop comprehensive services that includes managing of import, storage of raw materials, chemical blending, hot and cold liquid blend, powder blend, decanting/ re-drumming services, supply of packaging such as drums, IBCS and carboys as well as transportation services.

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Our Operational Capability

  • Import and storage of raw materials
  • Provides a wide range of blending capacities with tanks of 1,600 L to 12,000 L
  • Able to provide heating and cooling of blends
  • Able to do powder blending
  • Can assist to arrange alternative quotes for raw materials for customer convenience
  • Able to do drumming from ISO tanks to smaller pack size, such as 200 L and 25 L (vice-versa)
  • Warehousing for finished goods or transportation to customer determined location
  • Stuffing & export
  • ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015
  • BizSafe Level 3 and Progressive Wage (PW) Mark

List of Services We Provide

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Drum Recycling and New Packaging
  • Waste Disposal