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Corporate Social Responsibility

GKE Cares – ‘Better Happens together’ through Charity Run

On 11 November 2022, a team of 60 runners, made up of representatives from different functions and entities across GKE Group, participated in the SGX Cares Bull Charge Charity Run 2022.

With the shared purpose of “Better Happens Together”, our team ran for a meaningful cause. Every kilometre clocked made a difference to the event in improving the lives of those in need. The funds raised will be channelled to support underprivileged children, families, persons with disabilities and the elderly.

GKE Cares – Fresh Local Vegetable Donations for the Seniors

In September and October 2022, GKE donated a total of 838 packets of fresh local vegetables right from our indoor farm to the doorsteps of Senior Citizens’ homes. This is to support senior citizens in our community and is also GKE’s way to show honor and respect to them for their past contributions to the society. Through donations-in-kind, we hope that the senior citizens will enjoy the local vegetables prepared in their meals and assist the organizations in serving homely meals to their elderly residents.

Ling Kwang home for senior citizens

  • Kale: 450 packs
  • Lettuce: 288 packs

SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home (Aging Centres & SASCO AACs)

  • Kale Vegetable: 75 packs
  • Lettuce: 25 packs

GKE Cares ‐ Embracing Sustainability

The success from the First Shoe Donation Drive has allowed GKE to continue collaborating with Soles4Souls for the 2nd time. We are delighted that the donated shoes can provide food, shelter and education for families in countries that Soles4Souls are supporting.The 1.5 month long initiative started on 23 November 2021, with higher expectations of reaching 400 pairs of shoes this time round. With continued support from the GKE Team, we have surpassed our initial target. A total of 730 pairs of shoes have been collected, which is 80% more than our original target of 400. We have exceeded our previous years’ results by more than 10%, closing this drive on a high note.

GKE Cares – Warming Hearts with Magic Kale, Our Salute to Frontline Workers

Supporting the Frontline Workers of Singapore General Hospital (SGH) with Vege Magic from GKE.

Through these unsettling times, the medical heroes are holding onto the last line of defense and doing all they can to protect us from this pandemic. They have been fighting tirelessly over the past 20 months and now it is our turn to take care of them. To show our appreciation and gratitude, GKE has delivered 375 packs of our freshly home-grown Kale to the Frontline Workers of SGH on 08 October 2021. To our masked heroes, you are not alone and thank you.

GKE Cares – Touching Lives, Changing Earth

Even in the midst of the pandemic, GKE Family continues to care for our community.

Throughout the month of August 2021, GKE Group has initiated our 2nd Food Donation Drive in collaboration with Food from the Heart (FFTH). Established in February 2003, FFTH is a non-profit organization that distributes food items to the needy through their various food distribution campaigns. With the valuable efforts and significant contributions from our GKE Family, we have successfully donated over 1700 food items to FFTH. On behalf of the Group, GKE Corporation has also donated a cash amount of $5000 to FFTH.

GKE Cares – Shoes Donation Drive to Soles4Souls

GKE has collaborated with Soles4Souls in November 2020 to organize a 1 month long shoes donation drive. Soles4Souls is a global organization that turns unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunities to help fight poverty and provide relief. With the tremendous help from our GKE Family, we have successfully collected 516 pairs of shoes and this is 70% more than our original target of 300 pairs. On top of that, GKE also donated more than 15 boxes of clothes to Soles4Souls at the closing of this drive.

GKE Cares – Nurturing Sustainability, Loving Mother Earth

GKE Group started the distribution of reusable masks to our staff in September 2020. These reusable masks also marks our first baby step to reduce the carbon footprint on Mother Earth and giving our generations a more sustainable and liveable Earth.

GKE Cares – Food Donation Drive to The Food Bank Singapore

COVID-19 has affected countries globally and food supply has inevitably been impacted by this pandemic. We understand that The Food Bank Singapore might experience a drastic drop in food donations during this trying period. As such, GKE has organized a Food Donation Drive for staff to donate non-perishable food items to The Food Bank Singapore for a good cause. Despite not being able to volunteer physically at the premises, our staff displayed immense support as we collected 20 boxes of food items for donation to The Food Bank Singapore on 13 March 2020.

GKE Cares – Volunteering at Willing Hearts

On 25 May 2019, GKE embarked on our biannual CSR Event at Willing Hearts. Being the 'Food for Life' nation, GKE is in sync with the philosophy of Willing Hearts, to provide a warm and fulfilling meal to the underprivileged. From the basic cleaning of the kitchen utensils to the preparation of the food ingredients, our volunteers put in their utmost effort during their 4-hour stint in the kitchen of Willing Hearts. Despite how physically straining the tasks might be, the volunteers had a fruitful and meaningful time in the kitchen – mingling with colleagues from the different functions and doing good work together.

GKE Cares – Volunteering at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

On 01 December 2018, Mr Neo Cheow Hui, Chief Executive Officer for GKE Group of Companies lead a group of 30 staff volunteers to bring some festive joy to the patients at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital. We had a series of fun-filled activities from games, singing to tea-time snacks for the patients. Cash donations were also made from both staff and the company to the hospital.

GKE – Give Blood, Give Life Day

In today's economy and years to come, logistics/transportation remains the lifeblood of our nation. As a Group of Companies who are in this line of business, we would like to extend this same philosophy into the lives of others i.e. Give Blood, Give Life to benefit our community. We are proud to collaborate with the Singapore Red Cross to organize GKE Group's Blood Donation Drive on 08 June 2018

GKE – Donations

Cash Donations were made to the following organizations in the community over the past years, just to name a few i.e. Parkinson Society Singapore's Tee to Beat Parkinson Charity Golf 2016, The UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk 2017.