People @ GKE

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People are and will always be our greatest asset. As we continue to progress on our journey towards service excellence, we are committed to help our employees excel in their area of work and to take it higher. After all, their abilities and contributions will be an important part of the Group's Success.

At GKE, we are interested in the holistic development of the staff. A Happy Employee will be a Productive Employee. Let's take a look at what our employees have to say about what really excites them to work here!

Abdul Hamid S/O Abdul Rahman
Operations Manager - GKE Warehousing & Logistics Pte Ltd

"Passion, Teamwork, Satisfaction"-These are the things which excites me about working in GKE. I work in a warehousing and logistics environment, where leadership, quality and a passion for customers is the key to success. GKE has allowed me to use my background/skills and experience to the best of my ability. It gives me an opportunity to explore different fields of work and to be able to develop new skills.

Being in a job role that carries great responsibility, it also enables me to utilize my talents to its full measure. Teamwork at GKE is fantastic. I really love what I do and I try to surround myself with people who share similar passions. I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment.

Lai Yoke Chan
Assistant Customer Service Manager - GKE Freight Pte Ltd

I enjoy working in an established organisation that is forward moving and embrace changes. I love my team and in togetherness, we will continue to deliver value added services to our clients. As the mission of our Group is to move towards providing a one-stop solution for our clients, I am happy to be a part of this amazing journey to see it come to pass!

Michelle Ling
Assistant General Manager - GKE Express Logistics Pte Ltd

I started with GKE Express Logistics in 2006 and had great pleasure experiencing ups & downs and challenges not only in my career but with the company as well. It has been an invaluable experience to me so far. I have the opportunity to partner with management and colleagues to resolve issues and witness the company moving to greater heights.

I am proud to call this place a 2nd home to me. A place where we laugh and cry together.

Joanne Lee
Customer Service Executive

I have been working in GKE for 7 years among different subsidiaries within the Group. Since then, I have never stop growing and learning. My job exposes me to customers with differing expectations and challenges me to meet that expectation. I experience impending job satisfaction and personal growth. It's great to be part of this family.

Dennie Ling
Customer Service Executive - GKE Metal Logistics Pte Ltd

At GKE, I am exposed to new learning opportunities every single day. I enjoy daily interactions with my customers and fellow colleagues. The work culture and environment here is of one big family and we are more than just colleagues!